I Will Never Turn My Back on the Ocean.

Some things you might care to know...

Nikki is a girl whose body cannot contain the amount of things she wants to do.
She had decided to marry the ocean a long time ago.

Quoting Kerouac, she believes...
"The only people are the mad ones. The ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time; the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow Roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars."

She thrives on positivism and good vibes, which might annoy the hell out of you; but that's the only way she knows life. And she ain't sorry.

Like the Beatles, she is a lover of love.
"There's nothing you can do that can't be done.
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game.
It's easy. - ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE."

She requires a regular dosage of happy pills, which consists of Vitamin A-rt, Vitamin Sea, and her drug surfing- which is perfectly fine to OD on! (Don't panic, it's organic.)

Nikki is all about dreams and making them come true. She constantly ponders on the word "passion."
She is all for making a difference because she knows that "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together."

She, from time to time, enjoys burrowing into her rabbit hole- a world of mermaids, and flowers, and rock and roll showers.
To Nikki, the world is a playground. She hopes to meet you in the sandbox, where you can talk about the random hidden treasures waiting to be discovered amongst the dirt. Surprise her.


tropical meets design

#FreeInMySkin: Your Post-Bake Beauty Clinic


Summer may be far away, but the sun definitely isn’t. Regular trips to the beach and sunny sessions by the pool are certainly the norm in a tropical haven like the Philippines! Although there’s nothing wrong about celebrating summer forever, dry and sunburnt skin isn’t much of a party either—so give your skin some post-bake TLC by piling up on some liquid goodness!

We like it soft and supple with a golden glow: here’s the skinny on operating a tropic tone smoothly; because you’ve got to sport it right like a mermaid in the city. ;)


Any burn draws fluid to the skin surface and away from the rest of the body; so for a couple of days, drink LOTS OF EXTRA WATER!!! Refreshing juice drinks work well too! 

Telltale signs of dehydration include a dry mouth, reduced urination, dizzy spells, and drowsiness. 



One large wedge of watermelon provides 9 ounces of water—which equates to more than 1 full cup of water; so suck on this sweet, juicy baby ASAP. 

Hot chocolate is to a blizzard, while frozen yogurt is to a tropical meltdown. This healthy eat is my chill-pill go to, and it happens to treat sunburns too!

Apply this natural sunburn soother on dry and chafed skin for some complementary cooling comfort! Rinse off with a cold shower.



Right after a cold shower, pat your skin gently with a towel; while skin is still damp, apply a super-moisturizer like Physiogel all over your body in order to trap in moisture. Do re-apply lotion on those extra-dry spots throughout the day—most especially if you spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned environment.

A lot of girls in the Philippines are ashamed of their post-beach, sunkissed skin. A morena look won’t be a nuisance if skin were smooth, supple, and glowing! No one appreciates a dry, dull, and uneven skin tone! Make sure to do a tan right with some of the above-mentioned post-bake tips to bring out the golden girl in you! 

Take part in Physiogel’s #FreeInMySkin campaign to empower and inspire Filipinas to flaunt their healthy and youthful, sunkissed skin!

Under Construction: Building My Tropical Blog House

Dream Bucketlist Entry#16: Update my blog regularly.

I am just so glad to be able to write about the things I feel so passionately about. Taking care of a blog gives me the power to do so, and I couldn’t be any more thankful for this modern story-telling medium. 

BUT lately, I’ve had this switch of heart. I’m no longer satisfied with coming up with so-so posts or blogging when 'I'm in the mood'. It’s a disservice to my growing set of followers. 

I’ve decided to give my baby an overhaul. I’ve realized that becoming a serious blogger would entail me to do a lot of PLANNING, designing, researching, and learning to discipline the moody artist in me! It’s a real challenge to take on, but I’ve always believed:

I will never be content with mediocrity. Simply owning a domain doesn’t quite cut it for me. It’s going to be one work-in-progress of an adventure, and I can’t wait to come out with something worth every minute of your valuable time spent online. :)

My tropical dream hub is getting a much needed renovation, and it starts NOW. I can’t wait ‘til the grand unveiling of its BEFORE and AFTER! The deadline will be announced; and I would love for you to join me on this mission to BLOG BETTER.

Gone With the Wave: Live Art by #NikkiOcean for #DaniGirlMNL

Doing my live art session before the #DaniGirlMNL theater performance begins! 

I find it so cool: how art can be used as a social platform to raise awareness about a pressing cause. 

Director Toff De Venecia: As devised by the CSB Arts Management Program, we are having, as part of our Engage program, live art sessions before certain performances of Dani Girl, for the benefit of @KytheAteneo

"Kids should be flying kites riding waves, not fighting cancer.” 

I’d like to thank The Sandbox Collective for giving me the opportunity to somehow participate in the #DaniGirlMNL production! Don’t miss this wonder-filled performance that leaves you no choice but to contemplate life and the beauty we find in our most unexpected phases. 

To get updates on my latest art-ventures, follow me on Instagram: @nikkioceanart :)


Last June 27, I celebrated my birthday; and unlike any other birthday, I kept things sweetly low-key—meaning I didn’t feel the need to throw a bash, expect presents, write a celebratory blog post, or drink with friends. ‘Twas a totally normal day (in a humbling and beautiful way). I’ve never been flooded by such a peaceful sense of content (‘til recently); because for some miraculous reason, I’ve felt FULL these days. I’ve been blessed with the most amazing life opportunities, and the best present I can ever have from God: BRAVERY


Signs of maturity? Signs of wisdom? Signs of aging—gracefully? :))

SO YES. Fears are going down, one faithful stride at a time. I’m punching fear in the face over and over ‘til it’s reached KO status. Everyone has them, and I’ve got my TOP TEN (in no particular order)—so let me divide AND CONQUER. ;)



Taking public transport in the rain (or in the scorching Philippine heat). Being pushed and shoved in a train—equivalent to a can of violent sardines. Walking ‘til your toes get blistered. Eating an affordable dinner when you can have a hearty meal at home. 

We can complain ALL DAY LONG. But what’s the point? 

«< An opportunity to travel to. No traffic. Toes, Feet, and Legs! Food in my belly. 

GET THE POINT: I do what I have to do to get there.




Opinion is a cheap commodity. Everyone has opinions. If you are influenced by opinions, you will not succeed. You have a brain and mind of your own. Use it and reach YOUR OWN decisions.

Others will always have something to say, but I constantly keep what counts in mind: "People will always have opinions about you. BUT you live for God because he’s the only one who has intimate knowledge of you.” - Ann Voskamp

God looks into your heart, and HE should be the only ONE that counts! If you have His approval, the rest are just extras. ;)



I’ve learned to appreciate the journey, instead of obsessing over results. :)


If you can’t handle failure gracefully, don’t expect your dreams to happen anytime soon!



So at some point in time, reality TV was a guilty pleasure; but I guess I’d rather LIVE LIFE like a Kardashian than watch one! Makes sense? I mean the reason why there aren’t any Lamborghini ads on TV: because the people who could actually afford them are out there hustling! Millionaires aren’t exactly couch potaters, am I right? 

We spend so much time on useless activity that don’t exactly contribute to our growth as people, so I’m slowly giving those things up. Three weeks and going strong!!! Think long term when it comes to your daily habits. Do something that your future self will thank you for! You owe it to YOU. 



There are times when I have to be ALL FAITH or nothing. There is a certain anxiety and exhilaration when it comes to dreaming HUMONGOUS—but uncertainty brings out the worst in me. I stress myself out over my future, and panic about things I have no control over.  I can only do my VERY BEST today, and entrust my future to God, whole-heartedly—bumps, twists, and turns on the road less traveled and all!

When your faith is being challenged, 




From an online features writer, to a high school art teacher, to an entrepreneur! Life is beautiful this way. I’ve adjusted to riding the wave of change. It’s the only constant thing in life; so instead of fearing it, I approach it like a roller coaster ride. There’s so much excitement to be hungry for! I’ve learned so much about myself, and what I’m truly capable of just because I was open to the challenge of change; so feel free to cross that bridge when you get there. :)



It’s hard to see this from a mere human being’s point of view, but man’s rejection is actually God’s protection. We tend to see things in the NOW, but God sees our dream life; so when it seems like we’re heading towards a path far from our liking, God is probably redirecting. Try not to fight it too much. 

I remember having applied for my dream course at my dream university. I had wanted to become a fashion designer for the longest time, so I aimed to get in the Clothing Technology course of UP Diliman. I did so bad at the entrance test, that the next best thing was to enter the university through a talent test—except I would have had to take up a Fine Art course instead of pursuing fashion. It didn’t feel all too good to take up Plan B—-THEN!

Fast forward to (more or less) a decade later: I’m exhibiting my work at galleries, and I have a list of clients who’d like to have my paintings on their wall! I’m earning from something I’m absolutely passionate about. 

TRUST me, God knows what He’s doing.

WORD of advice:


God will always love us in our most vulnerable state; so when we win, let’s say thank you, while offering up our failures when we lose. In every so-called failure, there is a jewel of wisdom gained; and it’s up to us to recognize that as we evolve into better versions of ourselves. Know in your heart that it’s always a win-win





We’re all Davids fighting the Goliaths of the world. When you know your intentions are pure, then rest in the fact that it becomes God’s battle, not yours

It’s always comforting to know that I’m playing for a PURPOSE. I’m on His team and I have faith that my Captain won’t let me down. :)



There’s no I in L-O-V-E—-> and THAT scares people. They say that people are naturally narcissistic, so to love purely and unconditionally is of divine nature. It’s unnatural for us to put others before ourselves. A love driven by heart (not ego) can only come from an acceptance of God’s love, because when we accept His PURE LOVE, our cup becomes full—and we allow it to overflow onto others. Let someone’s happiness be your happiness without expecting anything in return. It feels amazingly peaceful. :)



How can we live life to the fullest when we constantly choose a safety box? Reality check: we’re all bound for mortality. Embrace the fact that God might take you tomorrow, so make sure you live fully TODAY

Having said this, I couldn’t be any more grateful to join the experience that is #DaniGirlMNL. <3


In the face of death, we are on sensory overload. We are honest, naive, childlike, and intuitive. 

The Sandbox Collective will be mounting the Off-Broadway musical, Dani Girl, a heartwarming and uplifting tale of a young girl’s battle with leukemia.

Far from sitting back and letting her condition take over her, nine year-old Dani Lyons embarks on an imaginary adventure alongside her teddy bear Mr. Fritz, her guardian angel Raph, and her geeky roommate Marty to win back her beloved hair and find the answer to the question, “Why is cancer?”

This provocative musical that’s good for the soul has invited me to do a bit of live art (an hour) before the 8:30 pm l July18 l Friday production.

Can’t wait! The production, full of much love and sincerity, will surely pull on those heartstrings of yours! A MUST SEE for anyone human. 


I finally know what freedom feels like, and my soul can no longer contain its happiness or choose a lesser path. 

Make sure to LIVE.

Lots of hope + faith + love,

Nikki Ocean

#DontFeedTheStarvingArtist Part II: My Top 7 Tips to Survive the Freelance Industry

How is it that I’ve been given tons of unsolicited advice about the art industry from a handful of people who are clueless about its ins and outs? That used to happen constantly, at least right before I whole-heartedly embraced my passion as a means to finance my life. Yes, people can be cynical (especially in a country where art and design are usually seen as hobbies that won’t go beyond the term ‘extra-curricular’; it isn’t always more fun for artists in the Philippines). It definitely becomes bothersome to the creative kind because our naysayers happen to be the ones closest to home: enter parents, relatives, and even our closest friends.


A lot of artists are left with a negative facade of what the art industry might be like because of all the rain-on-my-career-parade comments from advisers who are simply oblivious to the evolution of the creative industry—thus our fear and cold feet! Running away from the dream and seeking shelter in corporate comfort becomes the convenient path to take when left-brainers bid the road less traveled goodbye. Well hello, we’re at the cusp of an art boom—the best time to LIVE OUT OUR PASSIONS!

There is a market for art—quite contrary to what people think. 

BUT before you leave your day job, there are a few road rules to keep in mind to get you headed towards the right direction: your goal! It’s good to have a lot of romance in an artist’s life, but a dash of practicality is needed to make for a healthy career salad. ;)

There’s a way to navigate through this crazy world of freelance without losing sight of your personal vision! Based on my personal experience, here’s a bit of DO’s & DONT’s!

Read More

Painternoons at #TheHut

I left my job as a high school art teacher TO TEACH ART—ironic, in a good way. ;)

Working with students of all ages and of different backgrounds is what I love most about doing creative workshops. There’s nothing more refreshing than giving a lesson or two on topics that really excite me as a teacher; and working with Nothing But H20 gave me the opportunity to do just that.

The Hut is your one-stop beach shop, and what better way to celebrate summer at the chillest spot in the city than to paint something perfectly inspired by the sea—amidst a backdrop of fashionable finds that have become Pinoy staples during the hottest time of the year!


Nothing But H20 prides itself with its locally made swimwear. Check out these vintage-style nautical pieces designed with a flavorful twist. 


Our summer #ootd’s are never complete without a hip pair of shades and a spacious tote to carry all our essentials!


Add a pop of color with the latest footwear finds from TOMS to be catalogued on this summer’s best-dressed list.

So what’s not to be inspired about? Just seeing the the mix of colors and patterns at #TheHut gave me and the workshop participants just the right amount of eye candy to channel ‘forever summer.’



imageMy student’s WIP.


These little cuties joined our workshop too.


I love teaching both kids and kids-at-heART!

Hanging them out to dry under the hot hot heat! Yes, the day was scorching but painting kept us cool. :)

A couple of teen beauties dropped by to learn how to paint their faces pretty. :) Never knew supermodel Chanel Iman had a little sister! See the resemblance?! 

Happy girls who love to embrace the sun! 

Now I couldn’t have spent my summer weekend any better! Thank you again Nothing But H20!

Art Workshops at THE HUT #WhereSummerNeverEnds


I’m doing a couple of art workshops this weekend, and its getting me excited. It’s always been a pleasure to meet new artists, or creatives who have simply developed a newfound interest for painting or doing makeup.


Watercolor can be a real challenging medium, but when paired with stencils, it transforms into this user-friendly coloring material that’s perfect for first-time painters and budding artists alike! #NikkiOceanDripDye


Living in a tropical country allows us to experience summer everyday, but this lovely gift brings along with it a few beauty busters: humidity and heat. Nab some tips to keep it fresh and easy-breezy throughout the day with dewey skin matched with ten-minute waves. Master my beach beauty basics so you can don that golden glow all-year round, paired with ocean-inspired pops of color to keep things young and fun! #NikkiOceanBeachBeauty

Don’t forget to pre-register before joining us at #THEHUT! Sea you there!

#DontFeedTheStarvingArtist Part I: Be a Smart Romantic


Is there money in art?—quite the contentious question that incessant skeptics love to bring up when dealing with the romantics of a fanciful industry. The field is considerably cryptic when matched with two words that most artists dread hearing; to us, "FINANCIAL STABILITY" is cringe-worthy.

Now I’m not claiming to be some financial genius or anything, because I’m clearly still grasping what it entirely means to be a full-fledged ‘adult,’ but I don’t see the harm in sharing what may be of value to aspiring visual artists!

Meg magazine recently came out with its career issue; and I lent out my hand to demystify success in the creative world—amidst the colorful fluff.

Here’s the Uncut Version:

Years in the Industry: Roughly 3

Directly, how would you answer the Meg girl’s question: if I pursue the same career you are in, will I gain financial stability? How?


I’ve always thought that working hard would gain me financial stability, but I recently learned (through experience and a ton of wisdom from entrepreneurial books) that mere talent or grind won’t magically get me financial dependability in the art industry (or in any other career for that matter); people skills, vision, a professional work ethic, the willingness to learn, aggressive marketing skills, and an unrelenting spirit play equally important roles as well! I’ve learned how to avoid placing all my ‘career eggs’ in one basket! It’s not all too romantic when you’re starving, so too speak.

Apart from the career you are pursuing, do you have other means to earn?


While I’m not selling my art or working on painting commissions, I depend on other creative avenues—ones that don’t fall far from the visual art tree. I hold art workshops and conduct private lessons; I dabble in fashion: aside from being a professional makeup artist, I occasionally take on fashion-styling projects, and I do both illustration and graphic design projects as well. I take advantage of the fact that they complement each other because it gives me the chance to cross-promote amongst clients! The diversity of my work also keeps things fun and interesting because I’m able to play with different mediums: whether it’s paint, makeup, clothes, or typography! Variety satisfies the moody artist in me!

How important is this in your financial stability (without this, would you still be able to have financial independence)?



Truth be told: maybe, maybe not. The thing about the fine art industry: it can be as moody as the artists who create the pieces themselves! I may one day reach financial nirvana when my paintings start to cost hundreds of thousands (*to millions even*), OR I MAY NOT; hey, but let’s look at the statistics: there are none! Since fine art is such a luxury, it’s hard to tell whether you’ll be guaranteed “stability” as an art star; and if you do become one, the question is: how long will it last? I mean Van Gogh only sold one painting while alive, am I right? Either way, this fact remains: I will never stop making art, so the wise decision would be to continue supporting my art ‘til the day it supports me; although I strongly consider my illustration, makeup, and fashion stints as art forms too—just a little less high brow in nature!

Even if the work is full-time, should you have a backup plan?


Yes; that’s why I recently entered a couple of business ventures. As I’ve said: it’s not always about working hard! Although a lot of artists seemingly live day-to-day, from one freelance project (or painting) to the next, I on the other hand, lean towards a more practical career approach—which surprisingly reinforces the romantic in me. I have a specific vision as to how I want to work with my art: I want to allot myself the freedom to paint or create whatever I want (without the fear of art patrons or critics rejecting my work—-just because I sorely need the money) because that compromises artistic integrity, don’t you think? How will my art ever evolve or rise to challenge the status quo when it remains to be a commodity or status symbol, period.

When starting out, what was your backup plan and do you still have one?

I have other ways of supporting myself, but I don’t exactly consider them to be back-up plans because they expand my financial horizon; although I did have what you might consider, a “day job”. For two years, I worked as a full-time high school art teacher, until I felt confident enough to flip the switch and follow my dreams!

When is it safe to forego the backup plan and pursue the career head on?

*When was it safe enough to quit my “day job?”

  1. When I gained a steady set of clientele.
  2. When my freelance stints (which were initially sidelines) began to pick up—which started to outweigh my day job in terms of being financially rewarding.
  3. When I was able to save enough money: I made sure to put aside a financial buffer to keep me afloat, just in case I encountered any dry spells.

In your opinion, how can a meg girl be money-savvy while pursuing the same career as you?

1. Invest time to learn the ropes of financial wisdom! Learn to get down and dirty with the so-called ‘boring stuff’.


I didn’t know much about business, branding, or financial freedom, until I devoured tons of books on entrepreneurial know-how. I don’t claim to be an expert, but it’s safe to say that I know more now than I did yesterday.

2. Avoid being romanced by the concept of the starving artist.


Artists can be very spontaneous (or erratic) when it comes to making sound financial decisions. Learn to distinguish a need from a want. Just keep a balanced outlook: keep your moodiness to your art, and away from your bank account!

3. Create a strategic plan, as to how you plan to manage your finances.


Remember my tip about working smart? Learn ways on how you can eventually make your money work for you, instead of the other way around! A lot of creativity is actually involved in this area. Although challenging for artists like me, it’s become an interesting learning process. Consult the experts who apply financial wisdom, and have succeeded from doing so; success stories are very inspirational—romantic even. ;)


For me, a "bahala na" attitude with finances just doesn’t cut it. My dream beach house won’t magically fall onto my lap just because I want it real bad.


Hi there mermaids! 
I&#8217;m doing a couple of free workshops this summer&#8212;with every single receipt purchase worth P1000 from Nothing But H20!
Learn the basics of watercolor, as we take inspiration from the ocean's hues and aquamarine blues. 
SaltyHair, that sunkissed stare: let&#8217;s brush up on some &#8217;beach beauty&#8217; makeup techniques to get the perfect summer skin glow, paired with easy breezy ten-minute waves.
Interested participants may pre-register at Nothing But H20, Alabang Town Center or reserve their slots at The Hut.☀️ Don&#8217;t forget to present your receipt! See you at The Hut! #WhereSummerNeverEnds. 
Nikki Ocean View high resolution

Hi there mermaids!

I’m doing a couple of free workshops this summer—with every single receipt purchase worth P1000 from Nothing But H20!

Learn the basics of watercolor, as we take inspiration from the ocean's hues and aquamarine blues. 

SaltyHair, that sunkissed stare: let’s brush up on some ’beach beauty’ makeup techniques to get the perfect summer skin glow, paired with easy breezy ten-minute waves.

Interested participants may pre-register at Nothing But H20Alabang Town Center or reserve their slots at The Hut.☀️ Don’t forget to present your receipt! See you at The Hut! #WhereSummerNeverEnds.


Nikki Ocean

Eat Some at Flotsam


This beats any chichi café in the metro on any given day—given its free wi-fi and spacious tabletops, it’s the type of ambience that makes (creative) work, a total pleasure. When in San Juan, drop by the Flotsam and Jetsam Café for a taste of the surf life. 


Ragged details dress down the café’s surroundings to give its guests a nomadic vibe.


Working with a minimalist menu may be a good thing. The café spread prides itself on hefty servings, quality taste, and top-grade freshness! Some of their leafy ingredients are delivered fresh from Baguio (which is more or less an hour away).

Brace yourselves for some food porn.


TRY: the After-Surf Burger (w/ some salad and fries on the side) — P190

If you feel it’s a bit pricey, TRUST ME: you will be getting every bang for your buck!

Ever had  a meal at an expensive restaurant, then felt bad about it because they skimped on the serving, or the seasoning? NOT THIS ONE. The fare is reasonably priced because FlotJet won’t cheat you when it comes to serving the good stuff—generously. Its flavorsome dishes top the bar on my tummy scale! NOMNOMNOM.


This sinfully rich dish of Carbonara (P220) was the ultimate pasta-dream. When it comes to my foodstuff, I love all things white and creamy. :) 


It’s a different story come dusk. Poison rules the scene when this quaint café transforms into a seaside watering hole. With its creatively concocted catalog of the hard stuff, FlotJet will make you appreciate home brew like a fine art.


Try a refreshing sangria to cool you off on our tropic nights.


My friend, Lougee Basabas enjoying her drink while relishing her alcohol-ed sesh with the tapster.

Meet Kuya Glenn: resident mixologist and FlotJet spin artist. He loves to mix it up a little: try alcohol with an inspired twist.

Taste his artisan mixture, the Spicy Nikki—a combination of Gin, lychee, homemade rose petal syrup, lots of ice, and a dash of Siling Labuyo.

Yes, you heard me right! Adding a spicy kick ‘sili-style' translates to Pinoy fusion at its finest. Have a drink or two so you can truly soak up the IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES mood.


I’m a little hung over, but I’ll drag myself out of bed to wake up to this! It’s a shame how people get up past 9 am on beach trips. I love the morning sun (and surf)!


Come breakfast, the atmosphere shifts back to its sprightly disposition. With FlotJet’s morning spread set in such a Pinterest-worthy manner, you won’t regret having cut your shuteye short.

Go beyond the kitchen area: drop in on the FlotJet life to see why love is in the island details.

Sit Pretty at the Flotsam and Jetsam Art Hostel

It’s that perfect mix of beatnik—made of artfully blended ingredients that bring you close to your dream hut by the sea.

Try sitting pretty at the Flotsam and Jetsam Art Hostel, and you’ll understand why island love is in the details.


The scene is as picturesque as a tumblr post: imagine a group of friendlies jamming to some Beatles tunes; it’s a barely-there acoustic sesh with nothing but good vibes and poison shots to bank on. Add the element of ocean, and you’ve died and gone to beach-trip heaven.



Who knew that a term originally meant to describe ship wreckage and cargo debris found floating on ocean waters could bring definition to the hostel’s design aesthetic.

I’m sorry to disappoint, but it was never about the popular two-some of evil eels out to get the Little Mermaid.

FlotJet is stationed on San Juan, La Union: the 5th longest coastline on the planet; with an eclectic aura brought about by the hostel’s mingled curio and cosmopolitan approach, FlotJet is the perfect haven for surf culture and glamping combined.





It’s for the rough-it-up backpacker who appreciates good taste..






…and a refreshing color palette.


Bring along  a relaxing read, some good vibes, and your laid-back attitude..


..because it’s all rustic and close-to-ocean from here on ‘til the beach break. :)

We sure would love some after-surf eats and treats; grab a bite at the Flotsam and Jetsam Café, and see why this quaint hangout tops the bar on my tummy scale.

The Manila Sundance Bazaar 2014

The thing I love about bazaars: affordable yet stylish pieces.

…and what tops the average thrift shop experience?—one that combines everything else that I love in terms of fashion!

The Manila Sundance Bazaar was one of those few reasons to get me up and about on a lazy Saturday morning. If you fancy all things boho-chic and seaside pretty, then this sunny mix of apparel will certainly appeal to you too!

Surfing the shopping arena was easy breezy, as I stopped to check out trends that might give us all a (fashionable) reason to hit the beach. ;)


Although there’s that extra s (grammar police!), this beach party postcard was too pastel perfect to ignore.



Although I think flower crowns are pretty, I believe they’ve been a tad bit overworked this season, don’t you think? I love them on photo-shoots and special al fresco occasions—not so much in music festivals, where you’ve got a thousand other girls wearing ‘em. 


A pair of shades from Les Moda might be a fresher alternative when it comes to flaunting blooming beauties.


They say love is in the (fringe) detail.


…so it is in short stories made to be told by the seashore—thanks to Vanilla Breeze


Cool off with a little ombré juice; it never gets old on a scorching hot summer.


Don’t forget to shield your peepers, and look extra cool while you’re at it with these shiny golden pieces from Wear Vintage PH.


Make sure to get the full glow-by-glow by donning ultra fluorescent numbers!


These neon bikinis are total eye-catchers; get them at Bermuda before they disappear!


Brave enough to don print-on-print-on-print? I triple dare the tropic queens of boho. Get your cheeky fix from Southshore Beach Shop.

Want to know what I scored for the summer? Peek into my shopping bag! ;)